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Application for Reservation

Applications for reservation are taken on a first come first serve basis.  Application for use of The Red Room does NOT guarantee a reservation as any application can be denied at any time including after a reservation has been confirmed. 

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The Red Room Application

An application must be provided by all the individuals that will be
partaking in the usage of the room. This is due to The Red Room being located in a private residence. 

Name ___________________________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________________________
Phone Number _____________________
Email Address ____________________________________________________________________
Date of Birth_______________________ Age______________
Gender _________________ Height ______________ Weight __________________

You are applying to utilize “The Red Room” which is a space designed for an intimate romantic encounter. To be considered, you must answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge and participate in an in-person interview (some exceptions may be provided based on location and timeline, in which case, a phone or video interview may take place).  All applicants must sign a waiver and NDA to be considered for usage of The Red Room.  This is for the protection of the property management and users. 

1. Have you ever participated in a BDSM encounter? ________________ If so, how long have you been
practicing this lifestyle? ____________________


2. Are you familiar or have experience with the following (please circle all that apply)- Impact play,
sensory deprivation, breath holding, restraints, edging, use of a pillory, usage of spreader bar, clamps,
pinwheels, ball/bar gags, St. Andrew’s cross, restraint chairs, spanking benches, vibrating devices, anal
hooks, butt plugs, dildos/insertable devices, electric shock wands, blindfolds, floggers, crops and canes


3. Are you interested in using The Red Room on a recurring basis? (Please circle one)
Yes    No    Maybe


4. Will you be bringing your own equipment? Yes    No    (If so please list)


5. Do have any medical conditions or problems that we should be aware of such as seizures, light sensitivity,
orthopedic/joint problems, heart problems, bleeding disorders?   Please elaborate


6. Are you able to provide up to date STD testing? _____________________________________

7. Have read The Red Room rules and agreed with them? _______________________________



All first-time users of The Red Room must attend an approximately 1-hour long training in the usage of all
the devices and equipment that is provided in The Red Room. This must be scheduled before your
designated time slot and may occur immediately prior to your scheduled time.

Please understand that not all applications will be accepted for usage of the The Red Room and any
application can be denied for any reason. Please understand that this place is located in a personal home,
and you must respect all that is entailed with visiting someone’s personal space. A Non-Disclosure
Agreement (NDA) must be signed as well as a Liability Waiver before your scheduled time slot can be

The Red Room Rules

1)   No use of alcohol or mind-altering substances allowed on the property or in The Red Room. AT ANY TIME!

2)  No blood play, urine or scat play allowed. Any bodily fluids that are released should be cleaned up immediately with provided wipes.

3)  No Smoking of any kind including vapes in the area. Smoking may occur in the backyard area only and only when approved by the management.


4)  No Fire Play.

5)  All equipment has a 300lbs weight limit. Please DO NOT test this. All equipment is designed to have some movement and give but understand that this equipment can break.


6)  You will be responsible for repairing/replacing any damaged, broken, or lost equipment.

7)  Please pick up all trash. This includes the provided shower/bathroom area as well as The Red Room.  There are trash bins located in both the Red Room and bathroom. 


8)  Please leave all equipment used in a neat pile on the floor for cleaning.  Please place any equipment that is inserted into any body cavity in the designated plastic bin located on the table in the corner. 

9)  If you need assistance with adjusting a piece of equipment, please ask the manager. DO NOT attempt to adjust or fix a piece of equipment on your own.

10)  All photographs and video footage of The Red Room may NOT be used for promotional or public usage without the written authorization from management.

11)  Denial of use of The Red Room may occur at the discretion of management at any time. In times of emergency, your time slot may be cancelled and/or rescheduled.

Download the application here:

Download Waiver here: 

Download The Red Rooms Rules:

A NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)  will be signed upon arrival to the room

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