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Customer Reviews

Below are the comments and remarks of some of the clients who have experienced The Red Room.  If you would like to leave a comment please email the management directly.  Thank you. 


D - sub

4/2023 - I am a sub, and had the pleasure of experiencing the Red Room with my Dom. This room is equipped  with enough fun to fulfill any fantasy or desire you can come up with. All the toys and tools my little sub heart could imagine. It’s the perfect environment to dabble and try something new. From flying to tying, whips and clips, the options were endless. Whatever your kink is, this place has something for you. My little sub heart dreams of the day I get to return.

A - sub

5/2023 -  Such a cozy space with so many options!  Very convenient  for everything to be available. I have visited this room many times, my Dom always finds something different to try. I've used other dungeons around the city but none have been as comfortable and accommodating  as this one.

J - Dom

5/2023 - Have spent lots of time in the RR.  It's such an amazing space.  Everything is right there at your fingertips. Been told by my sub that I'm a different and better Dom when we're in the RR. Once you're in the RR you never wanna leave. 

C - sub

8/2022 - Ive had the chance to enjoy the red room multiple times. I love the thought and detail put into the design especially all the mirrors and new fun things to try. Always have had a wonderful time:)


5/2023 - I’m a busy mom, with nosey kids, this place is amazing for an afternoon rendezvous or for whatever floats your boat!!! More toys than I ever hand in my toy box lol. The host and hostess were very accommodating, answered any questions we had, and just made it a comfortable environment, even for casual fun. Absolutely everything you could need before, during and after is at your disposal. I’ve finally found a clean, discreet place to release some tension is so many different ways.
I’ll DEFINITELY be back!!’n

A - sub

M - Dom

5/2023 - I haven't been in the lifestyle long but as soon as my Master introduced me to the redroom my brain just went off with all the wonderful possibilities it holds. It is such a magical room for beginners to long time lifestyle member. The possibilities are endless in this room and it just makes you feel gorgeous and strong and willing. I would recommend this room to anyone, even vanilla's would enjoy the experience in this room even if they don't want to use all that is too offer. My life has changed because of this wonderful room and who would have thought a room can do so much. But the dedication, craftsmanship and love that has gone into this room radiates. I hope future guest enjoy it as much as I do and let there true selves free in there.

The room is Classy and elegant with lots of fun toys to use and experiment with each other. Definitely a fun place to make all your Naughty fantasies come true. I enjoy it every time I visit and always have a great time! 

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