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Red Room Amenities

The Red Room comes equipped with all the amenities that one could need to conduct any type of BDSM scene.  The following is a list of the equipment, tools and spa-like amenities that are offered with The Red Room. 

Impact play items:  Paddles, floggers, impact balls, crops, whips, and canes.

Restraints: St Andrew's cross, mid-evil pillory, portable pillory, and multiple hardpoints located throughout the room and on the bed.  Ceiling mounted chains, multiple leather shackles and Velcro wrist with ankle restraints.  Full body spreader bar with dildo attachment. Multiple spreader bars, multiple collars with leashes.  Unique arm and leg restraint systems.  Rope.

Inserted toys:  Dildos, double sided dildos, strap-on's, butt plugs, anal beads, anal hooks, vibrators

Sensory play items:  Blindfolds, pinwheel, feather crop, Vampire gloves, nipple clamps, shock collar, punishment mat, electric/shock wand. Forced orgasm belt.

Gags:  Ball gag, Bar gag, and dildo gag. 

Furniture/Appliance: Spanking bench, Torture chair, sex swing, tables, and lighted metal canopy bed.  Aromatherapy diffuser with multiple essential oils available. A stocked minifridge with bottled water.  Bluetooth enabled speaker system.  Multiple tripods mounts for cell phone video recording.

Other:  Spa quality robes, custom shower and bathroom.  Lube and non-latex condoms provided.  Spa quality massage oil.  Baby wipes for cleaning. 

Dom/Sub Training

In addition to the incredible Red Room.  We also offer training for interested individuals who wish to pursue the practice of BDSM as a Dominant, a Switch or a submissive.    These courses are offered by our staff who have over a decade of BDSM experience.  We focus significantly on the philosophy of BDSM as well as the unique techniques that are frequently encountered in a Dom/sub scene.   


Potential Clients

Clients that are chosen for training will be strictly based on their inherent understanding and discipline to the philosophy of BDSM.  Trainees will be put through a rigorous course of academic study in techniques, history, practiced philosophy that is applied to daily life. The training will extend over several weeks and will culminate with a certificate of completion. 

Cleaning and Maintenance.

Cleaning fees are included in all packages.

All equipment used should be left on the floor.

All items inserted into any body cavities should be left in designated plastic ben located on corner table. 

All furniture is cleaned with bleach based solutions. 

All sheets/bedding is changed after every use. 

All rugs are washable and are cleaned after each use. 

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